The Act applies to construction work and/or related goods and services carried out in Tasmania.  Be mindful of the following:

'Cross state legislation' which is where you may be a Claimant in NSW but the construction work or related goods and services was carried out in another State.


What is construction work and related goods and services?


There are 6 main documents involved in the process as follows:

  1. The Payment Claim - which is a tax invoice, progress claim, final claim, etc which is provided by the Claimant to the Respondent
  2. The Payment Schedule - is a response to the payment claim which is provided by the Respondent to the Claimant
  3. Section 17(2) Notice - is a notice which is provided by the Claimant to the Respondent if the Respondent does not provide the Claimant with a payment schedule
  4. Adjudication Application- is an application made to an ANA by the Claimant and is copied to the Respondent
  5. Adjudication Response- is a response to the adjudication application and is made by the Respondent and is copied to the Claimant
  6. Adjudication Certificate - an adjudication certificate is a sealed document produced by the ANA at the written request of the Claimant if the Respondent does not pay the adjudicated amount for the purposes of debt recovery through the court.

 See Flowchart for a step by step guide.


                          It is important to know who you are dealing with so do your homework.  Here are some helpful guidelines


Who are you working for?  You may think you are working for Fred Bloggs from ABC Electrical, so you address your invoices to ABC Electrical.  When ABC Electrical fails to pay you lodge an adjudication application and you are successful in your application, when ABC Electrical does not pay, you request an Adjudication Certificate.  The adjudication certificate must state the name of the Respondent as per the determination and in this case it is ABC Electrical.  Upon lodging your certificate with the court to enforce judgment you find out there is no such entity as ABC Electrical as it is an unregistered trading name and the actual name of the company that you are dealing with is Fred Bloggs Electrical Pty Ltd.  So where does this lead you - nowhere.  Judgment cannot be enforced and you have to start from square one.


How can you find out who you are working for?  There are a multitude of documents you can review to ascertain who you are working for - the contract, a letter of intent, a purchase order, correspondence, ASIC, ABN Lookup and Licence Check




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