The Act applies to construction work and/or related goods and services carried out in NSW.  Be mindful about 'cross state legislation' which is where you may be a Claimant in Queensland but the construction work or related goods and services was carried out in another State.

Queensland Parliament passed the Queensland Building Services Authority Amendment Act 2013 (QBSA Amendment Act) on 22 August 2013.  The amendment Act commenced on 1 December 2013.  A media release issued by the Minister for Housing and Public Works regarding the implemention of the QBCC and the new Board can be seen here.


The following reference changes have been made and implemented as of 1 December 2013.

Existing Content:

Changed To:



Queensland Building Services Authority

Queensland Building and Construction Commission

Building Services Authority

Queensland Building and Construction Commission

The Authority

The Commission

Queensland Building Services Authority Act 1991

Queensland Building and Construction Commission Act 1991




Queensland Building and Construction Commission Act 1991

Queensland Building Services Authority Regulation 2003

Queensland Building and Construction Commission Regulation


QBSA Regulation

QBCC Regulation

1300 BSA BSA

1300 272 272


                   Amendments to the QLD Legislation

In September 2014 the QLD Parliament passed the Building and Construction Industry Payments Amendment Act 2014.  The Act was proclaimed in December 2014.  Significantly Authorised Nominating Authorities (ANA's) have been abolished and the functions of the ANA's are now being assumed by the QLD Building and Construction Comission Adjudication Registrar.






'We are a small contractor based in QLD.  We came across ASC at a time when we were struggling to work through a customer who had decided that they were not going to pay for the work we had completed.  This had a strong impact on our cash flow as we had paid for supplies, components and labour.  We were vaguely aware of the Building & Construction Act and we did not have funds to launch legal action through lawyers.  A contact indicated that we should contact ASC - what a breath of fresh air.  The team at ASC provided clear support and walked us through the various steps in the process.  As a result I became extremely experienced and knowledgeable from the ASC staff support and diligent application of the information provided, we were able to obtain full payment for the works.  We cannot thank the team at ASC enough and as a result we now understand our rights and have continued to use ASC when the situation warrants'