The Australian Privacy Principles (APPs), which are contained in schedule 1 of the Privacy Act 1988 (Privacy Act), outline how most Australian and Norfolk Island Government agencies, all private sector and not-for-profit organisations with an annual turnover of more than $3 million, all private health service providers and some small businesses (collectively called ‘APP entities’) must handle, use and manage personal information.

While the APPs are not prescriptive, each APP entity needs to consider how the principles apply to its own situation. The principles cover:

  • the open and transparent management of personal information including having a privacy policy
  • an individual having the option of transacting anonymously or using a pseudonym where practicable
  • the collection of solicited personal information and receipt of unsolicited personal information including giving notice about collection
  • how personal information can be used and disclosed (including overseas)
  • maintaining the quality of personal information
  • keeping personal information secure
  • right for individuals to access and correct their personal information

Australian Solutions Centre strives to meet these principles by outlining how we collect, use and disclose personal information of those who come in contact with our office.

We collect personal information about a person and/or company to provide our services to the respective governments to which we are engaged with and to market ourselves as a security of payment educator and training entity to the building and construction industry. We may collect individual and company names, postal and website addresses, phone and facsimile numbers and emails.

The information may be used to undertake the management of adjudication under the respective legislations including processing communications between the parties and the adjudicator, management of payment, adjudication certificate generation and prescribed government reports. Information may also be used to contact persons and companies who may be interested in security of payment news, updates, briefings, workshops and general educational training.  Information may be disclosed to a court of law or government authority if required however the information will not be disclosed to any other third party without permission.

For adjudication matters, all documentation submitted in support of an application by a party is available for collection by that party after the determination is finalised.  If papers are not reclaimed they are destroyed after the expiry of thirty days (30) following the date of the determination.

We will take reasonable steps to ensure that the personal information we collect, use or disclose is accurate, complete, up-to-date and stored in a secure environment protected from unauthorised access, modification or disclosure.  Upon request, we will take reasonable steps to let a person know, generally, what sort of personal information we hold, for what purposes and how we collect, use and disclose that information.

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