ASC can share files privately and securely with clients through the ARK Private Exchange.

You will need to contact ASC on 1300 722 624 or email to set up your ARK.  ASC will email you with a username and passphrase.  When you log in for the first time you will be prompted to change your passphrase.

Creating an ARK

  1. Sign in to ARKpX Manager.
  2. Choose the Files view: 
    1 - nav-bar-files.png
  3. Click New, then select Create an ARK:
    2 - new-ARK.png
  4. Type a name for the new ARK, then choose its storage location.

ARKpX Manager creates your new ARK, and it appears in the list of ARKs on the left.

You can now put files into your ARK or sync your ARK with a local folder.

Choosing a storage location

ARKpX uses the Amazon S3 cloud storage service. The Amazon S3 service stores files in many different locations across the world.

You choose the geographical region for each ARK. This is the place where ARKpX will store the files in that ARK. 

The files that you put into an ARK never leave the region that you chose. For example, files in an ARK that is stored in the EU (Ireland) Region never leave it.

Reasons for choosing a region:

  • Optimize latency - If you choose a region that is far away from your or from your customers, access to the files can be slower. If you can, choose a region close to the people who will use the files in the ARK.
  • Regulatory requirements - If you must comply with laws about the location of the data that you work with, choose a region that helps you do that.

Adding files to an ARK

  1. Click on the ARK in the list on the left.
  2. Click the Upload button:
     3 - button-Upload.png
  3. Browse to the folder on your computer that contains your files. 
  4. Select one or many files to upload, then click Open.

The files begin uploading immediately. You can monitor the progress in the Transfer Activity pane at the bottom of the ARKpX Manager window.