The Building & Construction Industry Security of Payment Act first commenced in NSW by government in response to industry appeals for a solution to a major problem plaguing the construction industry - getting paid on time. In order to achieve this goal, the government appointed Authorised Nominating Authorities (ANA) to facilitate the process and appoint adjudicators to determine the payment dispute. Australian Solutions Centre applied for registration and was subsequently appointed as an ANA.

Robyn Hillman, the founder of ASC made a mommoth leap of faith in applying for registration as an ANA. Robyn was working for the largest demolition contractor in NSW in a well-paid and enjoyable employ and was faced with the decision of starting a new company with new legislation being introduced that wa not really understood at the time. She made the leap and did not look back. ASC has since gone from stength to strength gaining authorisation in NSW in 2000, Victoria in 2002 to 2019, Queensland in 2004, Tasmania in 2009, the Australian Capital Territory in 2009 and South Australia in 2009.

Our goal is to remove the conflict and offer structured, reliable assistance. We understand the frustration businesses feel when cash flow is being constricted due to payments being withheld by unprinicipled practices and we empathise with those businesses that collapse. We are passionate about what we do, it's who we are.


  • Must abide by the Act and associated regulation.
  • Have their own fee structures.
  • Have a panel of adjudicators.
  • Train adjudicator; and
  • Provide advice on the Act and the process.

So what makes ASC different?

  • We are ethical - challenges which have been made and seen ASC withstand the test;
  • We have the best panel of adjudicators who make sound determinations to withstand court intervention;
  • We continually follow up;
  • We are professional and compassionate, especially when faced with an unhappy participant, and
  • We are often complimented on our advice and understanding, particularly as the building construction industry is largely a male dominant one.
  • If it is a fixed price, that's exactly what it is. We don't have any conditions.

Our staff:

Barbara Ballas (Director)

Barbara comes with a wealth of knowledge and experience to the business along with a solid commercial and business track record. Supported by the staff of ASC, Barbara looks forward to continuing Robyn's legacy in offering structured and reliable assistance in the construction industry.

Karen James (Manager)

Karen was mentored by ASC founder Robyn Hillman and now as Manager is authorised to act for the company, to oversee the day to day running and to make any management decisions necessary.  Karen brings with her to ASC a strong background in Customer Service, Legal Administration and Professional Development and Training.  Her qualifications include Certificate IV in Frontline Management, Certificate IV in Hospitality and Certificate IV in Workplace Training and Assessment. Karen along with ASC's Administrative Co-ordinator Holly Brooks will remain independent of the day to day adjudication process so that they can select the most appropriate adjudicator for you.

Holly Brooks (Administration Co-ordinator)

Holly assists with running and coordinating the day-to-day administrative duties within our organisation, is passionate about the work she does and is committed in assisting people understand their rights under the Building & Construction Industry Security of Payment Act in their respective states, along with ensuring your experience with ASC is a positive one. Her qualifications include Certificate in Small Business Management and has previous experience as an Area Manager, Event Manager and her main strengths include organisational, coordinating and customer service skills.

Our Adjudicators

ASC has a small but highly qualified panel of adjudicators and our success is linked to the professional and expertiese of our adjudicators. Our most senior adjudicator was trained in London UK and is one of the first adjudicators to undertake a determination.

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