Australian Solutions Centre operates as an adjudication service provider to manage building disputes under the various security of payment acts in a number of jurisdictions and apply common policies and procedures to provide the best service possible to each respective government agency which controls security of payment legislation.

We are proud of our efforts and are always looking towards continuous improvements which facilitates disclosure of who we are and what we do.

Australian Solutions Centre is committed in assisting people through the adjudication process by understanding their rights under the Building & Construction Industry Security of Payments Acts in their respective states and territories.

Payment Disputes are a normal part of life but when it starts affecting cashflow, businesses start to suffer.  The Security of Payments Act(s) allows for an independent adjudicator to adjudicate on a building dispute and make a rapid determination of progress claims under a building contract (verbal or written) to ensure that any person who undertakes to carry out construction work or the supply of related goods and services is entitled to receive and recover progress payments in a timely manner.

The Scheme is designed to ensure cash flow to businesses in the building and construction industry without getting tied up in lengthy and often expensive litigation or arbitration.

The parties involved in the Security of Payment process are:

  • The Authorised Nominating Authority (ANA) - A body appointed by the respective State Minister.
  • The Claimant - The party making the payment claim (who is owed money)
  • The Respondent - The party receiving the payment claim (who owes the money)
  • The Adjudicator - A 'natural person' appointed by the ANA to determine the rights or the parties.

Time frames within the Act(s) are very strict and our qualified staff will provide assistance to the parties regarding the relevant provisions relating to your claim.

Australian Solutions Centre has dedicated personnel who can assist people in the industry to understand their rights under the 'Security of Payment Act' in their respective states. We are passionate about what we do and strive to assist people who are owed money.

For more information or assistance on the State or Territory of which the work was performed please click below or contact us on 1300 722 624 or via email at




 Solutions Centre

"After many years of writing off bad debts and spending countless hours chasing
money and sending letters of demand, I was referred to Australian Solutions Centre
to help me recover money that a customer refused to pay.
Following the process it was a win-win situation.  I not only successfully gained payment
from the client, but I gained a lot of knowledge due to their expertise and support along the way".
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